How Much Could You Save By Outsourcing Human Resources?

MJMS Human ResourcesSavvy small business owners make the quick decision to outsource human resources when they consider the cost and resources it takes to manage HR in-house. In addition to saving money, you can rest easier knowing your business is legally compliant with all state and federal HR laws which, if violated, can cost more than just money.

Outsourcing human resources enables you to focus on your core business, improve productivity, and reduce waste. You can also ensure a smooth resolution to employee conflicts and minimize the risk of lawsuits.

MJ Management Solutions has more knowledge and experience than other HR consulting firms. We can help you develop an effective human resources program and keep you up-to-date with the latest information on HR laws and procedures that affect your business.

Does outsourcing human resources make sense for your business? Do the math.

Enter the yearly salary for a full-time HR Manager

A) Salary for Full-time H.R. Manager
B) Benefits/Retirement. (21.4%) $
C) Workers Comp/FICA/MediCare/Unemployment Tax (8.31%) $
D) Total Cost (A+B+C) $
E) HR Solutions ($150.00 per month) $1,800
F) Subtract (D from E): Savings per year $

Outsourcing human resources is the best investment you can make to ensure the success of your business. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 480-924-6101 (Arizona) or 310-798-4569 (California) or emailing

"Your depth of knowledge and practical approach to HR issues is a great benefit to me. We have had several people over the years here who are HR consultants but none of them have your knowledge and understanding of the subject. You are ideally suited for helping the smaller firm (which is the majority of business in our sate) because you make HR accessible. I am always impressed with how clearly you explain what needs to be done and what good interviewing and employee management means to a business if they want to be successful."
Susan Lentz, Assistant Center Director, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Maricopa Community Colleges